2017 McLaughlin MCL-54/60

Low Hour Auger Boring Machine with Tracks! 194 hours.


General Description:
2017 McLaughlin MCL-54/60 Auger Boring Machine:
-194 hours

64.5 Meters of Auger included!

-Adapter Kit - 60"
-Extension Tracks: 1 x 1.5 m + 4 x 3 m can push 13.5 m pipe in one section
-Auger: 58" OD x 4" HEX x 10'(3 mt) 4 pieces total 12 mt
-Auger: 58" OD x 4" HEX x 5'(1.5 mt) 1 piece total 1.5 mt
-48" Auger x 3M x 4" HEX x 10 (3 mt) 12 pieces total 36 mt
-48" Auger x 1.5M x 4" HEX x 5 (1.5 mt) 3 pieces total 4.5 mt
-42" Auger x 3M x 4" HEX x 10' (3 mt) 12 pieces total 36 mt
-42" Auger x 1.5M x 4" HEX x 5 (1.5 mt) 3 pieces total 4.5 mt
-Head Combo 60" OD 4" HEX W/WC
-Head Rock 60" OD 4" HEX W/WC
-Extra Saddles to support weight of pipe
-Complete set of Steering Head with Water Level

Additional Information:
Engine: 175 HP Turbo charged air-cooled Deutz diesel powered engine
Thrust: 950,000 lbs
Torque: 170,000 lbs

Other features:
-Electromagnetic clutch
-5-Speed Transmission with reverse
-Planetary reduction final drive
-Extended Triple-cylinder stroke
-Auto Hydraulic dog plate
-E-Z Glide quick extension tracks

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